Why is CrossFit Scary?

Why is CrossFit Scary?

If we believe CrossFit is the best fitness program in the world and we know, for a fact, that any age, body type, or ability can do it, why then is it still so dang scary? 

About three quarters of the people I sit down with (during our No Sweat Intro) admit that it took some courage to get up off the couch and walk in our door. And you know what? Walking through a new door is a courageous thing to do. Placing ourselves outside of our comfort zone and attempting something new is usually intimidating. I am no exception and neither are our members. The awesome and successful members that we have today had to, at one point, build up the courage to walk through our door. 

I’m guessing they walked through our door because they realized that the rewards of overcoming their fear were (and still are) plentiful: general health, accountability, weight loss, community, increased self-esteem, fun, and more. 

… Which leads us back to our original question, why is CrossFit so scary for some people? The misconceptions about CrossFit are as plentiful as its benefits. I have found that most people don’t know much about it but still have an excuse (irrational fear) not to try it. 

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Common Excuses:

I don’t want to get hurt.

I am not in good enough shape.

I don’t want to bulk up.

It’s too intense. 

Blah. Blah. Blah.

Despite the excuses that you or your buddies come up with, here is the answer:

If, for any reason, you believe you cannot do CrossFit, I can tell you that you have never done CrossFit before.

In other words, you do not know what CrossFit is. 

CrossFit is infinitely scalable, caters to all levels, and accepts everybody. 


But just like anything else, you must judge for yourself. 

The people who come through our door have different stories, abilities, and things they need help with. If you are at all curious about CrossFit, I would tell you to give it a shot and go in with an open mind. You will learn different techniques, meet new people, and be guided by knowledgeable coaches whose job is to make sure you are safe and happy. 

What is so scary about that? 

When you break it down, is it a fear of CrossFit or is it a fear of trying something new? 

I have been doing CrossFit for a while now and I too had my first day. Obviously, I loved it.