Shannon: 30lbs down! Amazing Transformation.


Amazing story. Thank you for sharing Shannon!

“In 2017 I let my physical and mental health take a downward spiral. I stopped working out, ate bad food, and was drinking a lot. I gained over 15 pounds from my unhealthy habits and lifestyle. After a year I realized just how much I neglected myself and started eating better. Some of the weight shed off, but then I started eating Keto and joined CrossFit Bethel and have lost 30 pounds. I can’t thank Crossfit Bethel enough. In the three months I’ve been a member I’ve never felt more included in a community. Everyone is so positive and uplifting. My one goal when I first joined was to just exercise to help my mental health. Not only am I in the best headspace mentally that I’ve ever been in, I’m physically stronger and more capable than I’ve ever been. CrossFit Bethel has given me a healthy and positive outlet, and a community where I feel included and supported.”

Thank you Shannon for sharing your story! We are so proud of how far you have come and are so happy to have you apart of our community! Keep up the good work 💪