MVP Award: Lisa C. (an AMAZING story)

Lisa Castillo Age: 58 this year

Joined Crossfit: March 2017

The biggest blessing about working here is that we get to meet all kinds of amazing people. Amazing is an easy word to throw around. So when we are talking about amazing people, we REALLY mean it! The MVP Award is our way of recognizing our AMAZING members. Now aside from being our current MVP, the following member has become a very close friend and somebody I so highly admire. Congratulations, Lisa! Thank you for letting us share your story with the world!  

Because of her amazing spirit, positive energy, and infectious smile, everybody knows Lisa. If you don’t, I’d say you are missing out! Back in January of 2017, Lisa and her husband, Mark, walked into our gym curious about CrossFit. Little did I know, Lisa was a star. 

Two years prior, Lisa was hit by a car, which resulted in a total of 22 operations in two years. When I first met her, she had already been through 21 of the 22. With #22 hanging over her head, she promised me that she was going to start CrossFit and eventually be in the regular class. I remember thinking, this woman is remarkable and I wanted to, if anything, witness this journey. As promised, a month later, Lisa, after operation #22, walked back in our door. She was ready for her next phase of recovery. (and I could not have been more excited)


From the very beginning, Lisa’s goal was to take our “normal” CrossFit class. I remember one of her main concerns was going up and down stairs. On day one, she was able to step up on 2 plates, totaling a little over 4 inches. By her 20th session, Lisa was jogging, stepping up, flipping tires, and motivating the heck out of myself and others! The time that I got to spend with Lisa, one on one, will be something that I will remember forever. Her journey was - and still is - one of the most incredible transformations I have ever seen. Quite frankly, I just watched as she, with a smile, battled to take her life back. I’d be lying if I told you I didn’t tear up once or twice. Her short term mission was accomplished; she was ready for class. At no part in her journey did she look back. Today Lisa is still working hard and building strength. Today Lisa is still remarkable!

A word from Lisa:

“I am a cancer survivor, and a trauma survivor. I had cancer in 2013 and was then hit (as a pedestrian) by a car in 2015.

The trauma was horrific as I ended up in the hospital for 6 months with both legs broken, a pelvis in pieces, my spine detached, multiple fractures, brain trauma, and a torn aorta.

After many physical therapy sessions, some metal joints, and a total of 22 operations, I needed to do something normal people did… So I joined Crossfit in march 2017! My ultimate goal was to join the regular class. I started my CrossFit Career off with 20 personal sessions with Liam. With a lot of hard work and perseverance, I was in class accomplishing what I came there to do. 


In the last 3 years I have learned that if you put your mind set in a place of recovery, perseverance, and are willing to do the hard work, a new chapter of life will evolve. I’m stronger both mentally and physically.

Advice from Lisa:

1. Don’t be afraid to enter the door of Crossfit Bethel. It’s for all ages and everything gets modified according to your strengths and weaknesses.”

2. “Check the ego at the door. The trainers will help you reach your potential - and it will all pay off.

Crossfit Bethel’s trainers are empathetic, supportive, caring, and welcoming. And the same is true for its family of members. No matter who you are, - ability, age…- everyone is friendly and cheers each other on.

Crossfit Bethel has given me faith, hope, and love!

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