Call Me Mr. Clean

Mr. Clean

Mr. Clean

Mr. Clean

Over the years we have developed a loyal crew of drop-ins (members of other gyms who are traveling). We call them our loyal drop-ins because whenever they are in town they ALWAYS stop by for a workout! 

When I think of our loyal drop-ins, I think of: Chris from Sweden, Beth from South Carolina, Patty from Ohio, Mathew from Israel, and Christina who is studying in Serbia

We love seeing them and I always appreciate their feedback. 

Today, one of our loyal drop-ins told me that we have the cleanest gym she has seen. That made my day, but I can not take the credit for that, which is why it is a perfect time to introduce the man responsible for our spotless gym. 

This is Niall! 

As a member of this community, Niall was embraced right off the bat. He is a charmer and he knows it! He works hard and takes his work seriously, which is exactly why I take him seriously and love having him here. 

Of course I am glad that he works well, but what I appreciate the most is the amount of pride he takes in his work.

In the past Niall has struggled to find a job that appreciates him and his excellent work ethic. Between the members of this community and his high level of responsibility, Niall has found a job that he likes and takes pride in. Every day he comes in and gets right to it. He makes sure the floor is clean, the equipment prepped, and that the gym is in mint condition by the time he is finished. 

I am proud to have him as an employee.

And I am also proud to have him as a younger brother.

The votes are in… he is loved here.