Nutrition Accountability Program

We have started a Nutrition Accountability Program. 

FINALLY. If you put the effort in, you WILL do well.

The first meeting (15 mins) is like a No Sweat Intro - it is there for you to learn more about the program. If you choose to continue with the program, we will schedule our first meeting (45mins - 1hr). Every month we will sit down and review EVERYTHING from your struggles to your plan of attack. 

Why Accountability? Because if you eat the stuff that I told you not to, your going to have to answer to me at the end of the month! - YOU CAN'T LET ME DOWN!!!

Will it be easy? No.

Will it be worth it? Absolutely. 

It is the missing piece. Now we are complete. 

If you would like to learn more, please sign up for an intro.