21 Reasons Why I workout? (A 2 Minute Read)

Why do I do CrossFit?

I was reflecting on why I love this place so much and ended up with a list of 21 reasons why.

I think if a fellow CrossFitter gave it some thought, they would discover that we do CrossFit for similar reasons.

Here they are

I do CrossFit because…

  1. I love the people that I workout with.

  2. I am held accountable by my fellow coaches and members.

  3. I get to suffer, grow, and better myself next to the people that I love the most.

  4. I love the feeling I get when I am done with a workout. For me, it is always worth it.

  5. I don’t have to think. I can turn my brain off and be told what to do.

  6. I know I will be done in 45 minutes to an hour.

  7. I can compete against my fiancé - she wins some… I win most… :)

  8. I trust the coach who is leading the class.

  9. My dog can be with me  - she gets a thousand pets per day.

  10. I love the atmosphere. 

  11. The people working out next to me understand what I am going through and vice versa.

  12. I love what it has done to my body.

  13. I have seen that any age, body type, and skill level can do it.

  14. I am frequently challenged and pushed to be better.

  15. My progress is perfectly measurable and is a direct product of my effort.

  16. I know that everybody working out next to me is getting better in their own way.

  17. I like giving and getting hi-fives. I would hug you if y’all weren’t so sweaty.

  18. I am often times proud of myself for finishing particularly challenging workouts.

  19. I am always proud of what my friends are accomplishing.  

  20. I love coaching people through tough moments and seeing them succeed.  

  21. I can be myself.

Why do you workout?



Quota of 1000 Pets Per Day

Quota of 1000 Pets Per Day