CFB MVP: Rebecca G.

Screen Shot 2018-08-27 at 8.54.10 AM.png

Not only is Rebecca an awesome athlete, she is as hard working and humble as they come. The choice to name her MVP was effortless, but actually getting that green shirt to her, as shown in the video, was not. Watching Rebecca improve over the years has been amazing. She has mastered the infamous strict pull-up, ran countless races, and has been a loyal member since March of 2015. Also - Rebecca’s kids, who are promising CrossFitters, are as hard working and humble as she is. 

What do you like best about CFB?

“I truly enjoy everything about CFB! The coaches, workouts, and members provide a positive, inspiring, and always encouraging environment. CFB delivers safe, effective, and highly motivating classes that are always different, challenging, and FUN!

What is the biggest change that you have noticed? 

“I feel stronger and more fit overall. My clothes are looser, and I have more muscle tone than ever before. Honestly, I just feel good every day, ready to take on the next workout!”

Well done Rebecca!