CFB MVP: Nick V.

Screen Shot 2018-08-27 at 8.46.33 AM.png

Congratulations to Big Nick for becoming our first MVP! Since May of 2016, Nick has been loyal to the 6am class. He along with the infamous 6am Crew show up ready to rock. On top of being an exemplary member and looking like Garard Butler from the movie 300, he is a great guy with an outstanding work ethic. You can also catch this guy on the soccer field. He is a wicked defenseman.  

What do you like best about CFB?

"There's not one thing. I like the structure of the classes and the WOD's; the coaching is top notch; the camaraderie among members of CFB keeps you motivated to keep coming to the gym while also providing healthy competition; and believe it or not CFB is addictive."

What is the biggest change that you have noticed? 

"My biggest noticeable change is weight loss (proof is in the pictures), but also gaining lean muscle mass as a whole, and my body's energy and fitness levels have drastically improved."

Well done Nick!