CFB MVP: Mark W.

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Marky Mark has graced us with his presence since January of 2016. Mark is that player on the field that will hit you hard and then help you get back up. He is the kind of guy that you wish your daughter dated - humble, respectful, hardworking, and tall. Aside from being an exemplary human being, Mark, as we just found out, is a kickball prodigy and will be taking his talents to Syracuse University this fall. Big Mark, we will miss you man! Thank you for making a positive mark on CFB. See you when you come home!

What is your favorite part about CFB? 
"What I like most about CFB is the camaraderie. Easily. It allows me to feel comfortable enough to push myself on the daily and it's amazing environment makes me want to come back every single day. This is one community that I will miss a ton while I am at school."

What is the biggest change that you have noticed? 
I don't think I can even pinpoint one thing that's changed in me the most. I remember my first class was an arm day and I couldn't do 5 push ups from my knees. I squatted around 200 pounds less. Most importantly, I never had a passion to work out. I think mentally I've made the biggest changes. I want to eat healthier, look healthier, and be an all around fit guy and I've made huge strides in that direction through CFB."

Well done Big Mark!