CFB MVP: Frank Tank

Aside from being a great guy and an outstanding CFB citizen, Frank is the creator of the most famous post workout ritual in the history of the gym. This masterful pose is an expression of his hard work. He has been creating sweat angels after every workout since 2014 when the gym opened. Frank originally came in to improve his ski game but, it is safe to say he is a CrossFit OG and future CFB Hall of Famer. As coaches and lovers of CrossFit, nothing makes us happier than his appreciation for technique. Because of this, he has gone from barely deadlifting 135lbs to doing over 300lbs! Thank you for being a loyal member of our community!

What piece of a advise would you give to a new member? 

“Give it 2 months, no matter how hard it is for you. That's enough time to get used to the intensity, see progress, learn movements and establish a routine.” 

How has CrossFit benefitted you the most? 

“I've been a skier since I was a kid. At 52, I had been diagnosed with degenerating discs in my lower back. There was enough pain that I couldn't maintain any kind of fitness routine. I was heading toward a winter where I wouldn't be able to ski at the level I was used to. I checked with my doc, and started Crossfit in August 2014. By winter, my back pain was much better, and I was stronger than I had been in a few years, and I've continued to improve since. I wasn't ready to slow down. Crossfit has kept me moving.” 

Well done Frank!