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Occupation: High School Teacher
Hobbies: Dirt Biking / CrossFit / Oiling His Man Beard
Favorite Food: Humble Pie
Favorite Color: America

You want him on your team. 

Filippo is a first-round draft pick kind of guy. He is hard working, complaint free, and is an all-around good dude. In our opinion, he should be on the next Wheaties Box. Now that we think about it, we are not quite sure he knows how to complain! What we do know is that this man can put his head down and work like no other. It is a pleasure having him in class. He is easy going and always up for a challenge. On a side note, here is some advice for anybody who wants to take him on in knockout - don’t. He’s too good. Filippo, Thanks for being the good dude that you are. MVP!

What piece of advice would you give to a new member? “One piece of advice I would give someone new to CrossFit would be to never give up. As long as you keep at it results are inevitable.”  

What is your favorite part about CFB? “The coaches. They really pay attention to everyone and are far more supportive than I would ever expect.” 

What is your dream workout? “That's tough... I would say a mix of rope climbs, sled pulls, wall balls, and maybe WB sit-ups. Not necessarily in that order.”

Well done Filippo!