CFB MVP: Douglas D.

Before I go on to tell you how great of a guy Doug is, you must know that his real name is actually Doogy Muscles. Doogy is a humble perfectionist that understands the value of hard work and discipline. Yes, he shows up, works hard, and has trademarked his own battle cry (you know what I’m talking about 6am class), but it is his commitment to his diet that is equally impressive. The man has not had a carb in over a year. He is a mental ninja. Doogy is hard on himself, which makes him such a disciplined competitor. When you work out next to Doogy, he makes you want to do your best. I don’t know about you, but being in the company of people who pursue excellence is exactly where I want to be.

Now, he is an excellent volleyball player and a fantastic Crossfitter, but his absolute specialty is double unders, which is why I have attached a video of him doing 100 double unders in 52 seconds. Enjoy. (Check out Facebook or Instagram)

Here are a couple words from the man himself:

What was your first impression of the gym?

“As I was speaking to a couple cousins in Brazil, they told me they were into CrossFit. So I searched it up and knew that was what I wanted. There was no way I would just go back to lifting by myself. My first time walking into CFB was on a Saturday. I was just there to ask for info and check out the gym. As I walked through the door, I saw Moe (shirtless), then came Liam (shirtless) and thought to myself “well, if I can get anything close to what they look like, then I'll be alright. After speaking to both of them I walked out and felt like I was already part of the family.”

Why did you stay?

“I set long-term goals and ended up accomplishing them within a couple weeks of training. Crossfit has the ability to push you no matter your level of fitness. At the start of every workout, I feel like I won't finish. But once you look back on the workout, you think “oh it wasn't that bad.”

“CFB has become a second home, somewhere I want to be. It's a welcoming place. It's a place where I can be competitive and have built real friendships. As much as you want to finish faster or lift more you end up encouraging others to be better.”

What will I do next?

“Encourage others to join CrossFit! It has become a lifestyle. If I miss a day something is wrong! - And of course I want to accomplish my next set of goals!”