CFB MVP: Carol F.

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If you don’t know who Carol is, you are missing out. Simply put, she is our sunshine on a rainy day, the meat to our potatoes, the double to our unders, and the hip to our hop. Over the years we have watched her grow so much. As her body changed, that fantastic bright smile has stayed the same. If you come to an 8am class, – and only 8am – she will welcome you with open (and jacked) arms. As we know, Carol Fay is always on the run - we are honored that she has fit us into her busy schedule. Carol you ARE the MVP. 

Here are a few words from the legend herself:

What Is Your Favorite Part About CFB? "CFB truly has become such a wonderful addition to my life. Before signing up for the program, I didn’t really understand how to workout properly or how to manage my nutrition. Because of CFB, being physically fit is now a priority for me. I love the great coaching I get from Liam, Donny and all the other coaches. But most importantly, I love CFB for the amazing camaraderie, support and laughter that I find there every day."

If you could give one piece of advise to a new person, what would it be? "Be patient and committed. It took me a few months to learn the basic lifting techniques and to build up my endurance in the WODs. Listen to your body, build in rest days and keep the coaches informed on how you are feeling.

When did you start? "I started two years ago after walking into CFB out of curiosity and decided to give the beginner class a try. I have to admit - I was a little intimidated at first to see people doing things I never would have dreamed of attempting. But after a few weeks, I realized how much fun it was to be a part of this great group of people, of all different ages and abilities, working together to improve."

How have you gotten better? "I think it’s important to set reasonable goals and to track your progress. I keep track of all my PR’s and times for the standard WODS. I love working out with people faster and better than me as it motivates me to improve. I try to use the energy of the group to push myself to take more risks where I know I can do better. When I first started, I couldn’t run a mile, couldn’t jump on a box and could barely lift the 15lb bar over my head. It took a while, but I can do all those things now and more. I also participate in the extra challenges and have competed in the in house competitions. Last year I competed in my first Crossfit Open and this helped me to set new goals for next year."

Well done Carol!