A Great Member Is...

As a coach at CFB, I have been asked all kinds of questions, but never has anybody asked me: what I am looking for in a great community member?

… Until Chris, one of the newest members of our community did!

This is a loaded question, which is why it has taken me over a week to process and answer.

Before I tell you what I think, take a look at the list below.

We presented this question to our members; here is what they came up with:

Great members…

Are Fun

Are Kind  


Lack an ego

Are coachable

Are self-aware

Are consistent

Don’t complain

Don’t cheat reps

Lead by example

Are compassionate

Have a good attitude

Take pride in their gym

Enjoy being around others

Are disciplined & work hard

Welcome the new member

Make you feel like you belong

Want to make themselves better

Support, care for, & encourage others

Have respect for the facility and others!

[Insert and entire week of pondering]

After a week of thinking and digesting this question, I have developed, what I consider to be, our core values. I believe each value and expectation on this list boils down to one of our three core values: Humble, Happy, and Honest.


Honest people are: self-aware, disciplined, work hard, don’t cheat, are consistent, and are coachable.


Humble people: are kind, participate, lack an ego, want to make themselves better, don’t complain, listen more than they talk, and have a willingness to learn.


Happy people: are fun, compassionate, have a good attitude, take pride in the gym, make you feel like you belong, enjoy being around others, have respect for the facility and others, support, care for, & encourage others, and always welcome the new member!

We have been operating under these values for a long time now, but writing them down has really sealed the deal on what we expect from a great community member.

Is this a lot to expect from somebody? From an average person… probably, but from a CFBer, it is not. The reason why we are still here with a thriving community is because we have stuck to our core values, never once deviating (even though they were never written down before)! This is a testament to the people who make up our community.

Because we are a product of the people we spend the most time with, I have chosen to spend most of my time here.