Get Jacked


From a young age, Jack knew that he wanted to serve his country. In a few days, he will be off to Bootcamp. The 6am class, which he attended everyday, sent him off with a workout and his own shirt! 

For the time he was here, Jack would show up at 5:15am for Bethel Bootcamp and then take the CrossFit Class at 6am. He would then go to school, which was followed by either soccer or track practice - then back to CrossFit. 17 year olds don’t do that, but Jack is a special one.  

Here’s to a leader, a role model, and a great man! Jack, we appreciate your hard work and dedication to the community. Thank you for your service and try not to loose too much fitness in Bootcamp! #crossfit #army


The 6am Crew With Their Get Jacked Shirts