Read Between The Lines

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Looking at a before and after picture is like reading the front cover of a book without reading any of the words behind it. The line that divides the two pictures is where the true story lies. It represents the hours, weeks, months, and even years invested to achieve such an outstanding accomplishment. Behind that line lies the full story of a humble struggle that is impossible to portray in a single picture.

You were not there when they;

Refused to hit the snooze button.

Prepare their meals for the week.

Quit drinking soda.

Sweat and pushed their way through workouts day after day

Decided to make a change.  

You are just looking at the front cover of their fantastic story! 

A before and after picture is the result of being completely determined and heavily disciplined. Everybody struggles differently, but just as we have said before -  behind every accomplishment is an even greater struggle - a struggle that we don’t see. Being worthy of a before and after picture tells us that they have struggled well.  They are the ones who have set aside their short-term comforts for long-term success. 

To all who struggle well,

It will be worth it. Keep going.