What the heck is BSF?

Bright Spot Friday!

Bright Spot Friday!

BSF: Bright Spot Friday (BSF) is my favorite day of the week. 

For those of you who don’t know, BSF is where we, in our private Facebook group, share and reflect on all of the good that has happened in the past week. It is so easy for us to let days and weeks pass us by a second thought. 

Even when we have a tough week, there is always a moment to be thankful for. Some BSF’s might be gym related, but most of them are related to family & accomplishments outside of the gym. 

Part of living a fulfilling life requires us to reflect on and be grateful for what we have. If you are reading this letter, I know you have something to be grateful for! If you do not feel comfortable sharing your BSF’s with us, start with something simple. But I can promise you one thing - everybody loves reading BSF’s. 

There is no better way for me to end my week than to sit down and reflect on all of your BSF’s.

Please pass on your BSF’s to me! I love reading them. 

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