The Fear of Success


Behind every success is an even more important struggle.

Your level of success is determined by how well you have struggled.

The formula is logical, but most people quit before they start. Why? Because these are the people who cannot tolerate fear and discomfort. For some, the very thought of being uncomfortable, doing the hard work, and the thought of sacrifice stops them right in their tracks.

The people who credit their neighbor’s success to luck are the ones who allow the fear of failure to paralyze them. The ones who keep their eyes on their own plate are the ones who will struggle well and move in the right direction.

Calling somebody lucky implies that they were handed something.

A healthy and strong body is not something that will be handed out to you. Being disciplined and maintaining focus are requirements of a healthy lifestyle. You are no exception. 

Junk food, netflix, drinking and smoking are all short term comforts for long term solutions… In the short term you will be better off with the dopamine rush of email, likes, and multi tasking. In the long term, the investment of exercise, healthy eating, and building relationships will go much farther.  

The only way to become healthier is by taking the required steps - even if you have to give up those short term comforts!

We challenge you to take some action and make a change!

Of course if your goal is to become more fit, we can help. But it you have your mind set on another goal, be brave, take action, and resist your short term comforts for those fantastic long term goals!

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“You know, Hobbes, some days even my lucky rocket ship underpants don't help.” 
― Bill Watterson

Struggle well.