Thank You For Your Kindness


A few members of our gym are serving as the Connecticut coordinators for the nonprofit organization, 147 Team. 147 Team exists to provide critical need to children in the United States. As coordinators, our duty is to find out what these kids need, set a date, and then deliver the (donated) resources directly to the children. 

Our first mission was to help a family of six kids in a neighboring town.

In less than one week, we received their requests and the CFB community, friends, and coworkers, came together and donated clothes, money, food, shoes, and other basic necessities to this wonderful family. The outpouring of donations that we received in such a short amount of time was incredible. 

This family appreciated every bit of what we had to give. 


At one point, the youngest boy put his head down on his bag - I thought he was crying. But moments later, he lifted his head and exposed a big old smile. He was simply grateful. He then told Erik that he felt like it was his birthday. 

When Kayla saw her new shoes at the top of her bag, her jaw dropped and she stared at them for a good minute - it was adorable! Then she went around the room hugging everybody in sight. 


To those of you who donated to 147 Team, Thank you. Your donations went and will continue to go directly to the children - 100% of it. 

From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU