2019 Open Champions

Your 2019 Open Champions are... JACKED IN THE BOX!

Congratulations to everybody who took part in this year’s open! I hope you guys had as much fun as we did! A special thank you to our captains, Laura Hunt, Chris Bolin, Ali Reisert, and Erik Chaves for leading your teams in a fun and inclusive way! You guys were amazing! Thank you for your hard work.

Another special thanks goes to our volunteers who judged and gave up a large part of their weekends to make sure all of the athletes were taken care of (Head Judge Kevin, Donny, Nicole, Joe, Chris, and Emily)  We could not have done it without you!

And ANOTHER special thanks goes out to Emily for managing every thing behind the scenes! She did a lot of work and deserves a lot of credit for the smooth open experience.

And lastly, I would like to thank all of our members who participated in the 2019 CrossFit Open - both first timers and veterans! I am so proud of what you were able to accomplish in the past five weeks. To watch you accomplish goals and support each other all the way through was an amazing thing to see. Thank you for allowing this to be the best Open yet!


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It Is Who We Are - The Friendly Gym

We appreciate the kind words and feedback from our members. We would not be able to call ourselves The Friendly Gym without the support of our incredible members. 

Without this lovely group of people, we could have ended up being a headphone wearing, muscle t repping, curling on the squat rack kind of gym. 

Without you, our loyal members, we could have been a peacocking gym plagued with invisible lat syndrome that forgets about leg day. Thankfully we are not. (forgetting leg day is a stretch) 

We are a community that supports each other, laughs together, and strives to better every single day. 

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CFB MVP Award: Jack M.

Screen Shot 2019-01-23 at 3.35.01 PM.png

CFB MVP award: Jack Morris

This MVP has been a long time coming. Jack is hard working, self-disciplined and the son we all hope to have. Jack is truly the hardest worker we know. Members of all ages look up to Jack. Although he might lap you in Murph, he will be the first one standing there cheering you on as soon as he is done. Jack just graduated from Bootcamp and infantry school. Monday-Friday Jack would come to every 6am class go straight to school, go to soccer after school, and if he had time would come back after soccer. Every time he walks into the gym he GRINDS. Jack is fan favorite! We miss him dearly and know he will make us proud!

What advice would you give to a new person?
The best advice I could give to a new person, is to just dive into this gym. Talk to people, talk to the coaches, come to the various activities and events, and have fun. I loved every minute I spent at the gym. The people here are generous and really interesting people. They are some of the best people over ever met, and I’m so thankful to have met them. And the activities are always filled with games and an all around great time. So definitely get involved and I promise you’ll fall in love with coming to class and going to the gym. 
What results have you seen?

The results I have seen have been more than I could’ve asked for. Both mentally and physically. Physically, every aspect of fitness has improved. I’ve become such a more well rounded athlete because of CFB and I feel so much more prepared for life because of CrossFit. My workout times have cut in half, my weightlifting numbers have added over 50lbs on my lifts, and the feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment that comes with CrossFit is unmatched. Mentally, CFB has really made me want to be the best me, to be happy and a better person, seeing everyone that everyone is so kind and caring here. The combination of CrossFit, and the incredible community at the gym really gave me results I never thought I’d find. 
An open question- make up your own question and answer it.
What is your favorite CrossFit movement?

My favorite CrossFit movement is definitely the burpee. It can count for a cardio piece, it goes great for intensity, and is an all around pain fest. It can be done anywhere and are perfect for limited time/space.

You Are What You Do


Do you skip a rep or four or do you complete 100% of every workout?

How we approach each workout is a reflection of how we live our life outside of the gym. We either cut corners or we don’t. Corner cutters are in love with the summit but do not enjoy the climb, which is why they usually stay in the same place. To be happy in the gym and in life, you must enjoy the climb.

If you love the climb, you will reach your summit. Do the small things well - counting reps - and don’t underestimate the time that is required to reach your specific goal.


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CFB MVP Award: Chris B.

CFB MVP award: Chris B.

Chris joined the CFB family around August 2018 and immediately felt like an old friend. Any time you need help Chris is always the first to lend a hand. Chris’s awesome personality resonates with you far beyond the walls of the gym. Chris works hard every time he steps foot in the gym. He now dedicates more time to his health and puts 110% into every workout. He goes above and beyond in everything he sets his mind too. Chris’s positive attitude and hard work are a true inspiration to us all. 

Here are a few words of wisdom from Chris:

What advice would you give to a new person?
“Love yourself, I know most people talk about diet, commitment, consistency, etc… What is important is to love yourself enough to make the changes you need to make to get to where you want to be. Love yourself enough to spend the time you need to figure out where that is. Love yourself enough to put the work in when its too cold out, or you’re too tired, or too sore, or that PR (Personal Record) is too heavy. We all have things we’re not proud of our don’t like about ourselves. Loving yourself allows you the freedom to accept it and then do what it takes to change it.”

What results have you seen?
“Results… where do I begin. Im a 41 year old corporate desk jockey. I dropped 30 lbs on the scale, while adding 10 lbs of muscle. I’ve set new PRs consistently for the past 4 months. I also completed my first competition with a fantastic team. A sample of the gainz: My front squat went from under 100 lbs to over 200 lbs, overhead squat from a bare bar to 100 lbs. My arms and legs look completely different in just a few months. By far and away the best result that I’ve seen is that everything in my life got easier. Increasing my level of fitness has changed every aspect of my life for the better.” I was given a 3rd question to ask myself something, lets reverse that.

“What is preventing you from making progress? What’s keeping you from taking Liam and Donny up on the onramp program. Or showing up more consistently. Or putting down that extra slice of pizza. Or whatever that issue is that prevents you from moving forward. Come join me in the gym and lets get after this"

Well done Chris!

Your Goal Is Our Goal



Are you a….

• Professional Athlete • Grandparent • Mother • Public Servant • Father • Overweight • Underweight • Pregnant • Teacher • Landscaper • Doctor • Lawyer • Teenager • Spouse • Injured • Actor • Brother • Plumber • Aunt • Sister • Uncle • Contractor • Middle Schooler •••

Why does fitness matter to you? 

Your goal is our goal.