Skill Sessions are designed to supplement class and are our favorite way to get you closer to your goals in a shorter amount of time. Think about it – we get to spend 30 minutes, one on one, focusing on a particular skill. We do believe class will get you to that first muscle-up, snatch, or T2B, because it has gotten us this far! But when you have the luxury to work one on one with a coach, we can speed up the process by months. The movements that you want to master WILL pop up in class eventually, but if you are tempted to speed up the process, the skill session is your best bet.


What does a Skill Session entail?

- Individual Skill & Progression work
- Video Analysis
- Drills based off of your attempts
- Homework

1-on-1 Time?

Skill Session: 30 Minutes of undivided attention
Class Time: Divided attention (divided by the number of people in class)

What are the chances to working on a particular movement?

Skill Session: %100
Class Time: When the movement comes up in class!