CrossFit Health

We are very proud of the name, CrossFit Bethel, that sits above our door, but we offer so much more. With the goal to accommodate anybody who wants to change their life through fitness, we launched another new program here at CFB: CrossFit Health.

This program will run alongside our typical class. CrossFit Health will be a slight variation of the standard CrossFit program and will place less focus on maximal strength and performance and more focus on building a healthy, toned body. In other words, our CrossFit Program will be divided up into two tracks: CrossFit Health & CrossFit Performance. 

What is the difference between CrossFit Health and CrossFit Performance? 

CFP will focus on the classic movements and standards that make CrossFit, CrossFit. In our Performance program, you will see the Olympic lifts, the classic CrossFit gymnastic movements, and more! If you want to get better a CrossFit, this is the program for you. 

CFH will have a strength component, but the focus will be on toning, getting your heart rate up, and feeling great. Our Health program will eliminate the complex barbell and gymnastic movements that will be found in CrossFit Performance. 

Which program should I choose?

One program is not better than the other. You will choose which program you prefer based on what you want to accomplish. If you want to get a great workout in, but you are not a fan of the Olympics lifts (snatch & clean) CrossFit Health is the way to go. If you are looking to be good a CrossFitter or looking to raise your sport performance, CrossFit Performance is the program for you! 

When are the classes?

How Do I start?

Whenever somebody is looking to join or come back to CFB, we always start with a No Sweat Intro, because we need to understand your goals before we offer help.   

What Happens in a CrossFit Health Class?

It is easy to explain the structure of a class, but the magic that happens in a class is not. Because we have a  great variety of goals and desired outcomes, the class offers something different for everybody. As we move through the class as a group, each athlete has an experience unique to their goals. I’ll let you be the judge of the magic. But for now, let’s focus on the structure of a CrossFit Class. 

Without further ado, here is the structural breakdown of an average CrossFit Class here at CFB:  

Question of the Day (2-5 minutes)

Although “breaking the ice” is usually unnecessary, the Question of the Day (QOD) is our favorite way to introduce our newest members and set the mood for class! (It’s usually a ridiculous question that get us all talking) 

Warm up (10-15 minutes)

We then spend the next chunk of time warming up as a group; usually starting with some kind of light run or row. This depends on the athlete. After the light jog or row, we then move on to our favorite warm up movements that are designed to get your body moving and feeling great! The last part of our warm up is more specific to the movements of that day.

Technique (5-10 minutes)

As soon as the warm up ends, we review and coach the technique that is required for the strength portion. Because safety and proper movement is our priority, we always review technique - no matter how simple the movement is! Once we have addressed the group, we then check in and assess each athlete to assure they are moving properly.

Strength work (10-18 minutes)

Once every athlete understands the technique for the strength portion of class, we give everybody anywhere between 15 and 18 minutes to complete the strength. At this time, the coach walks around the room watching, advising, correcting, and checking in with each athlete. As soon as we wrap up the strength, we gather again to go over the technique for part two: the WOD (Workout of the Day).

WOD (3-25 minutes)

Depending on what stimulus we are trying to accomplish, the WOD can run anywhere from 3 to 25 minutes. Before the workout starts, the coach makes sure everybody is set up, understands the workout, and is ready to go. Each WOD is completely different and infinitely modifiable. In other words, you will never get board and anybody can do it! Once the workout starts, the coach keeps a watchful eye on the movement patterns of our athletes; keeping them safe!

Cool Down (5 minutes)

When the workout is done, the coach will recommend a specific cool down routine for you to do. This part of class is just as important as the warm up! Do it before you leave. 


In this one hour class, you will be coached, guided, and held accountable by both your coaches and peers. The magic that we referred to before is entirely dependent on your desired outcome. Yes, you will see results, but often times our athletes discover that we are more than just a gym offering a one hour class. Just like grandma’s cookies, our secret ingredient is love. If this hour is not the best one of your day, we need to do better.