CFB MVP Award: Douglas

Before I go on to tell you how great of a guy Doug is, you must know that his real name is actually Doogy Muscles. Doogy is a humble perfectionist that understands the value of hard work and discipline. Yes, he shows up, works hard, and has trademarked his own battle cry (you know what I’m talking about 6am class), but it is his commitment to his diet that is equally impressive. The man has not had a carb in over a year. He is a mental ninja. Doogy is hard on himself, which makes him such a disciplined competitor. When you work out next to Doogy, he makes you want to do your best. I don’t know about you, but being in the company of people who pursue excellence is exactly where I want to be.

Now, he is an excellent volleyball player and a fantastic Crossfitter, but his absolute specialty is double unders, which is why I have attached a video of him doing 100 double unders in 52 seconds. Enjoy. (Check out Facebook or Instagram)

Here are a couple words from the man himself:

What was your first impression of the gym?

“As I was speaking to a couple cousins in Brazil, they told me they were into CrossFit. So I searched it up and knew that was what I wanted. There was no way I would just go back to lifting by myself. My first time walking into CFB was on a Saturday. I was just there to ask for info and check out the gym. As I walked through the door, I saw Moe (shirtless), then came Liam (shirtless) and thought to myself “well, if I can get anything close to what they look like, then I'll be alright. After speaking to both of them I walked out and felt like I was already part of the family.”

Why did you stay?

“I set long-term goals and ended up accomplishing them within a couple weeks of training. Crossfit has the ability to push you no matter your level of fitness. At the start of every workout, I feel like I won't finish. But once you look back on the workout, you think “oh it wasn't that bad.”

“CFB has become a second home, somewhere I want to be. It's a welcoming place. It's a place where I can be competitive and have built real friendships. As much as you want to finish faster or lift more you end up encouraging others to be better.”

What will I do next?

“Encourage others to join CrossFit! It has become a lifestyle. If I miss a day something is wrong! - And of course I want to accomplish my next set of goals!”

CFB MVP Award: Robin & Deb


Robin & Deb,

You two are amazing and are a pleasure to have at the gym. Keep up the great work and rock those green shirts as much as possible. You deserve it! 

You cannot give the MVP Award to one without giving it to the other!!! Robin and Deb are the team of all teams. To say they are strong is an understatement! If you know them, you know how amazing and inspirational they are. They have one daughter and three boys that were born minutes apart... yes, triplets! In other words, they have a lot on their plate, which is why we have renamed the eight o’clock class the “late o’clock” class. They are always late, but they always show up and work hard! Outstanding.

CFB MVP: Frank the Tank


Aside from being a great guy and an outstanding CFB citizen, Frank is the creator of the most famous post workout ritual in the history of the gym. This masterful pose is an expression of his hard work. He has been creating sweat angels after every workout since 2014 when the gym opened. Frank originally came in to improve his ski game but, it is safe to say he is a CrossFit OG and future CFB Hall of Famer. As coaches and lovers of CrossFit, nothing makes us happier than his appreciation for technique. Because of this, he has gone from barely deadlifting 135lbs to doing over 300lbs! Thank you for being a loyal member of our community!

What piece of a advise would you give to a new member? 

“Give it 2 months, no matter how hard it is for you. That's enough time to get used to the intensity, see progress, learn movements and establish a routine.” 

How has CrossFit benefitted you the most? 


“I've been a skier since I was a kid. At 52, I had been diagnosed with degenerating discs in my lower back. There was enough pain that I couldn't maintain any kind of fitness routine. I was heading toward a winter where I wouldn't be able to ski at the level I was used to. I checked with my doc, and started Crossfit in August 2014. By winter, my back pain was much better, and I was stronger than I had been in a few years, and I've continued to improve since. I wasn't ready to slow down. Crossfit has kept me moving.” 

Well done Frank!

CFB MVP Award: Filippo

Occupation: High School Teacher
Hobbies: Dirt Biking / CrossFit / Oiling His Man Beard
Favorite Food: Humble Pie
Favorite Color: America

You want him on your team. 

Filippo is a first-round draft pick kind of guy. He is hard working, complaint free, and is an all-around good dude. In our opinion, he should be on the next Wheaties Box. Now that we think about it, we are not quite sure he knows how to complain! What we do know is that this man can put his head down and work like no other. It is a pleasure having him in class. He is easy going and always up for a challenge. On a side note, here is some advice for anybody who wants to take him on in knockout - don’t. He’s too good. Filippo, Thanks for being the good dude that you are. MVP!

What piece of advice would you give to a new member? “One piece of advice I would give someone new to CrossFit would be to never give up. As long as you keep at it results are inevitable.”  

What is your favorite part about CFB? “The coaches. They really pay attention to everyone and are far more supportive than I would ever expect.” 

What is your dream workout? “That's tough... I would say a mix of rope climbs, sled pulls, wall balls, and maybe WB sit-ups. Not necessarily in that order.”

Well done Filippo!

CFB MVP Award: Carol Fay

If you don’t know who Carol is, you are missing out. Simply put, she is our sunshine on a rainy day, the meat to our potatoes, the double to our unders, and the hip to our hop. Over the years we have watched her grow so much. As her body changed, that fantastic bright smile has stayed the same. If you come to an 8am class, – and only 8am – she will welcome you with open (and jacked) arms. As we know, Carol Fay is always on the run - we are honored that she has fit us into her busy schedule. Carol you ARE the MVP. 

Here are a few words from the legend herself:

What Is Your Favorite Part About CFB? "CFB truly has become such a wonderful addition to my life. Before signing up for the program, I didn’t really understand how to workout properly or how to manage my nutrition. Because of CFB, being physically fit is now a priority for me. I love the great coaching I get from Liam, Donny and all the other coaches. But most importantly, I love CFB for the amazing camaraderie, support and laughter that I find there every day."

If you could give one piece of advise to a new person, what would it be? "Be patient and committed. It took me a few months to learn the basic lifting techniques and to build up my endurance in the WODs. Listen to your body, build in rest days and keep the coaches informed on how you are feeling.

When did you start? "I started two years ago after walking into CFB out of curiosity and decided to give the beginner class a try. I have to admit - I was a little intimidated at first to see people doing things I never would have dreamed of attempting. But after a few weeks, I realized how much fun it was to be a part of this great group of people, of all different ages and abilities, working together to improve."

How have you gotten better? "I think it’s important to set reasonable goals and to track your progress. I keep track of all my PR’s and times for the standard WODS. I love working out with people faster and better than me as it motivates me to improve. I try to use the energy of the group to push myself to take more risks where I know I can do better. When I first started, I couldn’t run a mile, couldn’t jump on a box and could barely lift the 15lb bar over my head. It took a while, but I can do all those things now and more. I also participate in the extra challenges and have competed in the in house competitions. Last year I competed in my first Crossfit Open and this helped me to set new goals for next year."

Well done Carol!

CFB MVP Award: Rebecca Gill

Not only is Rebecca an awesome athlete, she is as hard working and humble as they come. The choice to name her MVP was effortless, but actually getting that green shirt to her, as shown in the video, was not. Watching Rebecca improve over the years has been amazing. She has mastered the infamous strict pull-up, ran countless races, and has been a loyal member since March of 2015. Also - Rebecca’s kids, who are promising CrossFitters, are as hard working and humble as she is. 

What do you like best about CFB?

“I truly enjoy everything about CFB! The coaches, workouts, and members provide a positive, inspiring, and always encouraging environment. CFB delivers safe, effective, and highly motivating classes that are always different, challenging, and FUN!

What is the biggest change that you have noticed? 

“I feel stronger and more fit overall. My clothes are looser, and I have more muscle tone than ever before. Honestly, I just feel good every day, ready to take on the next workout!”

Well done Rebecca!

CFB MVP Award: Mark Weiss


Marky Mark has graced us with his presence since January of 2016. Mark is that player on the field that will hit you hard and then help you get back up. He is the kind of guy that you wish your daughter dated - humble, respectful, hardworking, and tall. Aside from being an exemplary human being, Mark, as we just found out, is a kickball prodigy and will be taking his talents to Syracuse University this fall. Big Mark, we will miss you man! Thank you for making a positive mark on CFB. See you when you come home!

What is your favorite part about CFB? 
"What I like most about CFB is the camaraderie. Easily. It allows me to feel comfortable enough to push myself on the daily and it's amazing environment makes me want to come back every single day. This is one community that I will miss a ton while I am at school."

What is the biggest change that you have noticed? 
I don't think I can even pinpoint one thing that's changed in me the most. I remember my first class was an arm day and I couldn't do 5 push ups from my knees. I squatted around 200 pounds less. Most importantly, I never had a passion to work out. I think mentally I've made the biggest changes. I want to eat healthier, look healthier, and be an all around fit guy and I've made huge strides in that direction through CFB."

Well done Big Mark!

CFB MVP Award: Nick Vitti


Congratulations to Big Nick for becoming our first MVP! Since May of 2016, Nick has been loyal to the 6am class. He along with the infamous 6am Crew show up ready to rock. On top of being an exemplary member and looking like Garard Butler from the movie 300, he is a great guy with an outstanding work ethic. You can also catch this guy on the soccer field. He is a wicked defenseman.  

What do you like best about CFB?

"There's not one thing. I like the structure of the classes and the WOD's; the coaching is top notch; the camaraderie among members of CFB keeps you motivated to keep coming to the gym while also providing healthy competition; and believe it or not CFB is addictive."

What is the biggest change that you have noticed? 

"My biggest noticeable change is weight loss (proof is in the pictures), but also gaining lean muscle mass as a whole, and my body's energy and fitness levels have drastically improved."

Well done Nick!