12747386_623526461135031_2967393580808740109_oWith technology revolutionizing the fitness world, everyone seems to be getting caught up in the latest, no effort machine that promises washboard abs or the treadmill that claims you’ll burn double the calories. Call us old fashioned, but getting in shape has nothing to do with technology or fancy equipment. All you need is your body, dedication, commitment and professionals who dedicate their lives to making your goals a reality. You will not walk into our gym and be blown away by it’s chic design, in fact, quite the opposite. But you will leave feeling amazed by what you just achieved. You will push yourself to new limits in an environment where everyone is there to sweat it out together, to encourage, to guide and to push you to achieve your goals.

You are not just a number to us, we genuinely care about every single person that walks through our door and we will help you reach your goals.  If your goal is to become a competitive weightlifter then we can help you get there! If your goal is to get off the couch and have some fun in a great place with great people all while getting an amazing workout in the process then CrossFit Bethel is where you belong!

We keep our class sizes small, so that everyone benefits from personal instructor time. You have a pain, we will tailor the workout around it. It’s has a ripple effect in your whole life, in a good way.

Do one thing that scares you today, come and give us a try! It’ll be the best decision you’ll ever make.