wallball04142016Alongside great coaching, the strength of our gym lies in our community atmosphere. We are a goal oriented group of people who want to have fun together while we improve ourselves as athletes, coworkers, friends, siblings, parents, and human beings. Our coaching will always be the backbone of who we are, but it is our loyal and vibrant community of friends and family that make us great.

We warm-up, learn, and push through the workouts together. As coaches, it is our goal to make the one hour you are here, the best hour of your day. We want our members to love coming to class as much as we love coaching it. Nothing brightens a coaches day like hearing how much everyone was looking forward to coming to class, and we never want members to dread coming to work out with their friends.

Although the class only lasts one hour, we run community events at least once a month. Some of these events include: our Holiday Party, group Skyzone trips, Superhero Tuesday, Themed WODS, Team Lifting Sessions, Bakery Brunches, and numerous spur-of-the-moment get togethers.