We all know how demanding CF can be. But sometimes there’s some people that go above and beyond to reach their goals. Without further ado, here are our MVPs!


CFB MVP Award: Mark Weiss


Marky Mark has graced us with his presence since January of 2016. Mark is that player on the field that will hit you hard and then help you get back up. He is the kind of guy that you wish your daughter dated – humble, respectful, hardworking, and tall. Aside from being an exemplary human being, Mark, as we just found out, is a kickball prodigy and will be taking his talents to Syracuse University this fall. Big Mark, we will miss you man! Thank you for making a positive mark on CFB. See you when you come home!
What is your favorite part about CFB?
“What I like most about CFB is the camaraderie. Easily. It allows me to feel comfortable enough to push myself on the daily and it’s amazing environment makes me want to come back every single day. This is one community that I will miss a ton while I am at school.”
What is the biggest change that you have noticed?
I don’t think I can even pinpoint one thing that’s changed in me the most. I remember my first class was an arm day and I couldn’t do 5 push ups from my knees. I squatted around 200 pounds less. Most importantly, I never had a passion to work out. I think mentally I’ve made the biggest changes. I want to eat healthier, look healthier, and be an all around fit guy and I’ve made huge strides in that direction through CFB.” Well done Big Mark!


CFB MVP Award: Rebecca Gill

Watch: mvp baby


Not only is Rebecca an awesome athlete, she is as hard working and humble as they come. The choice to name her MVP was effortless, but actually getting that green shirt to her, as shown in the video, was not. Watching Rebecca improve over the years has be amazing. She has mastered the infamous strict pull-up, ran countless races, and has been a loyal member since March of 2015. Also – Rebecca’s kids, who are promising CrossFitters, are as hard working and humble as she.

What do you like best about CFB? “I truly enjoy everything about CFB! The coaches, workouts, and members provide a positive, inspiring, and always encouraging environment. CFB delivers safe, effective, and highly motivating classes that are always different, challenging, and FUN!
What is the biggest change that you have noticed? “I feel stronger and more fit overall. My clothes are looser, and I have more muscle tone than ever before. Honestly, I just feel good every day, ready to take on the next workout!” Well done Rebecca!


CFB MVP Award: Nick Vitti
Congratulations to Big Nick for becoming our first MVP! Since May of 2016, Nick has been loyal to the 6am class. He along with the infamous 6am Crew show up ready to rock. On top of being an exemplary member and looking like Garard Butler from the movie 300, he is a great guy with an outstanding work ethic. You can also catch this guy on the soccer field. He is a wicked defenseman.

What do you like best about CFB? “There’s not one thing. I like the structure of the classes and the WOD’s; the coaching is top notch; the camaraderie among members of CFB keeps you motivated to keep coming to the gym while also providing healthy competition; and believe it or not CFB is addictive.”

What is the biggest change that you have noticed? “My biggest noticeable change is weight loss (proof is in the pictures), but also gaining lean muscle mass as a whole, and my body’s energy and fitness levels have drastically improved.” Well done Nick!



Success is not an accident. This past weekend, Chris set a new Raw Classic Amateur 198 NY State record with a 535 squat. In the same day, he also bench pressed 295 (his best being 345) and Deadlifted 585. Alongside being one of the nicest humans beings, he works his bottom off day in and day out. You are the man! Well done.

Nicole, Kevin, Emily, and Pat


Whinny’s Warriors – These brave warriors finished the 9.5 mile Spartan Race in New Jersey this past weekend. It was 40 degrees and rainy! We decided to go with the before picture because we could not determine who was who due to the mud. Well done.

Nic, Kyle, Bren, Cait, and Em


We are so proud of our athletes for competing in their first competition this past weekend. Us coaches are like proud fathers! You are all awesome.

Steve, Jakki, and Jon


Steve, Jon, and Jakki finished the 16 mile Spartan Beast this past weekend! Despite the 35 or so obstacles, 200 meter swim, and countless trips up and down the Mt. Killington, they stuck together. Well done guys, way to represent CFB! Well done.



When this big man finished up playing football for Army, he decided it was time to turn away from gaining weight and more towards getting jacked! Not only is this guy a monster athlete and great energy, he is a fantastic dancer. Keep it going Tum Tum!

January 2016 290lbs

September 2016 265lbs (Pure Muscle) Well done.


Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 9.15.04 AM

Carol finally reached her box jump goal! Thank you for working hard and allowing us to witness this awesome moment! 1 year down and many more to come. Rock on Carol. Well done.


Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 3.49.22 PM

1 year ago Galina was deadlifting 100 lbs and today she is pulling over 200! HOLY COW! Keep it up Galina. You’re the bomb! Well done.


Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 3.38.29 PM

“Colleen and the “Danbury Ds” participated in the Avon39 Walk to End Breast Cancer, walking 39 miles in Boston on July 9 and 10th and raising over $11,000 toward a total raised of $3,000,000.  A special thanks from Colleen to CrossFit Bethel for making me strong enough to do this.”

Colleen walked 39 miles in the Avon Walk to End Breast Cancer. Talk about walking the walk – Colleen is quiet yet determined and always works hard. Amazing work Colleen! Well done.


Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 3.34.40 PM

 “-45 pounds +1 smile. My goal to lose weight quickly turned into a love for fitness, all thanks to my family at @crossfitbethel it’s been an awesome 10 months” You are awesome and inspirational. Way to go Sarah! Well done.



Pavithra, or PV as we all know her, has had a fantastic journey with us at CrossFit Bethel. She came in after having her first child just looking to get in shape and to have a stronger core. PV now boasts a 200lb deadlift and a bodyweight squat, no small feat for any lifter. No matter how hard the workout, she always pushes to be her best and from the time she has been a part of CrossFit Bethel she has grown exponentially into a well balanced, committed athlete and friend.
For the month of April it is an honor to present PV with the CFB Member of the Month Award! Thank you PV for your consistent pursuit of excellence and inspirational story that gives every one of our members confidence that they can improve themselves too. You are a role model with more positive energy than any of our members could ask for and we look forward to many years of progress in the future! Well done.