Our coaches pride themselves in client-coach communication. This is the single most influential experience you will receive at our gym. Our extensive knowledge of strength training not only allows us to break down even the most difficult of techniques, but it lets the coach understand the client’s goals and needs DAY BY DAY. This is what separates us from every other gym you have entered in the past. We take the time to understand at a core level why you walked through our door in the first place. If you need someone to tell you exactly what to do and guide you step by step, we will do it. If your goal is to take on a challenging fitness experience and meet amazing people in the process then we are here to provide a safe environment for you to meet those needs. CrossFit Bethel is an open ended family of people with the common goal of supporting each other as we move through our fitness journey.


Liam Fay
Owner/Head Coach
Before entering the world of CrossFit and Olympic Weightlifting, Liam was a three sport captain (Soccer, Wrestling, and Track) and went on to wrestle at Trinity College in Hartford. After two seasons of wrestling in the 141 weight class, Liam took a break and disappeared to Haiti for 2 months in order to both serve and appreciate AC and bug repellent. After his time in Haiti he realized he wanted to find a career that gave him the opportunity to better other people's lives. Coaching CrossFit allowed him to do so through the guise of fitness, and he has loved his time as a coach since getting his L1 cert in 2013. Liam's lifting career began with a 25lbs bicep curl in the Trinity-Pawling Gym, and ever since that monumental moment his passion and knowledge for fitness has continued to grow. With a 281lbs snatch (every pound counts) in January 2015, Liam qualified for Nationals achieving a major goal of his, and continues to do exactly what he loves to do. No matter what your individual goals are (282 Snatch), Liam will be by your side as you grow both physically and mentally. Simultaneously our most passionate and soft-spoken coach, Liam and his ever-present gym dog Whinnie make Crossfit Bethel a happy and welcoming place to grow. Liam is also owner of Winnie, CrossFit Bethel’s official gym mascot.
Patrick McGlone
-BS Biology, Uconn -Undergraduate research, Human Performance Lab and Advanced Molecular Nutrition Lab -CF L1 -Aerobic Capacity seminar with Chris Hinshaw -Powerlifting, Olympic weightlifting, and Crossfit competition experience Since taking control of his fitness and losing 60lbs in 6 months as a senior in high school, Pat has been obsessed with both the science and practice of health. As a Biology major (Pre-Med) at UConn, he spent over 500 hours in the UConn Human Performance Lab and Advanced Molecular Nutrition Lab. At the same time as he was studying the science behind fitness, he was practicing it in two powerlifting meets (Overall Best Lifter in the 2nd), an Olympic Weightlifting meet, a Crossfit competition, and numerous Marine Corps fitness tests. In addition to being our resident nerd (don't ask him about creatine), he is also a Corporal in the Marine Corps Reserve. As a Marine he has come in the top of his company every fitness test, and in March he passed a grueling two-day selection event to become a member of the elite Scout Sniper Platoon. Through his undergraduate research, personal experience, and extensive reading, Pat has the nutrition knowledge to help you regardless of your goal. In addition to coaching, he also designs diet plans and does nutrition counseling. Since graduating, we have been lucky to have Pat in the gym before he moves on to medical school. His pet class is the Young Athlete Development Program, but he loves working with everybody who comes through the door. The athletic achievement he is most proud of is running three miles in 18:13 exactly two weeks after deadlifting 500lbs for the first time, and a close second is squatting his bodyweight (200lbs) for 89 reps in a row.
Tyler Kennan
Coach Tyler has been lifting weights for four years and has been doing CrossFit for just about as long. Tyler has his CrossFit Level 1 Training Certificate and has been a part of the CrossFit Bethel family since the beginning. He enjoys longs walks on the beach and lifting heavy weights. After having two wrist surgeries in 2014, Tyler is making a comeback in 2016, and is hoping to put up some big numbers this year.