IMG_0289Our CrossFit classes are the most popular program at CFB and are geared towards increasing overall fitness. Now this means you will hit a multitude of skills and exercises every singles week to make sure you achieve a balanced level of fitness.

Class breakdown goes like this:

  • Coaches will take you through a general, then specific warm up to get you ready for the workout you’re about to complete
  • Coaches guide the class through a strength/skill movement with specific attention paid to technique and movement quality
  • The class will gather for a group workout of the day, or WOD, where everyone pushes at their own pace to complete the workout
  • The group will cool down with some stretches or the coach will take them through some accessory movements to work on weakness/injury prevention for the day

Beginners Class

For those of you who are new to CrossFit or trying to get back into a fitness regime, these classes are perfect. We take you through all the movements, techniques, proper recovery, and mobility strategies to give you the tools you need for success.

Lunchtime Boot Camp

This workout is geared towards people with busy lifestyles. This class is thirty minutes and is slightly more cardio focused and less technical. Workout and get back to work within the hour!

High School Athletic Development Class
This class is geared toward high school students who are looking to get bigger, faster, and stronger for their sport. We take these aspiring athletes and teach them high level strength training skills and combine that with intense conditioning. Our coaches focus massively on teaching proper movement patterns and decreasing imbalances is side dominant athletes to ensure joint and tissue health. This class will prepare athletes to crush it when their season starts and teach them to truly push the limits of their mind and body.

Kids Class
Our kids class was born from some of our members having kids who were interested in working out at the gym. We started small, but as word spread we found kids were really enjoying training 2-3 days per week in our facility. Kid’s have a ridiculous amount of energy along with an intense desire to learn and play. We take advantage of those factors by creating a fun workout class filled with games, laughter, and just enough conditioning to keep them interested. Our main goal is to teach these kids coordination and movement skills that they will take with them the rest of their lives. It is not rare to see kids climbing ropes, doing pull-ups, squats, burpees, sprints all in combo with some innovative games that make working out seem like play. The kids always leave with a smile and tired muscles and it’s been a pleasure to train each and every one of them!

Personal Training
Our coaches are experts in fitness programming specific to an athlete’s needs. We have clients who are powerlifters, bodybuilders, olympic weightlifters, and those who just want to reach a specific fitness milestone. If a client wants a program, they have a meeting with a coach discussing the exact goals they desire to reach. From there the coach designs a workout program that is carefully laid out based on the client’s availability and current fitness level. Our coaches have written hundreds of individual programs with countless goals achieved in the process. So whether you want to squat 400 lbs or maybe just get your first strict pullup, our coaches are qualified and excited about helping you achieve that goal.

Speciality Classes

We asked and we listened and we want to give our members what they want. We run a number of speciality classes that our members ask for. The are anything from yoga to cardio WOD’s. Check the events page for details